About Us and Beam

You might have heard of something like this before but in case you haven't, we'll fill you in...

Beam is a smartphone application that will be deployed in the West Midlands area to provide the general public with a quick and easy way to acquire a cab. This will link up to thousands of drivers on our system and it will autonomously dispatch a cab to the customer.

It sounds simple and that's because it is! We have done away with any complicated measures for both customer and driver, and instead we have redefined the process of acquiring a cab.

Still unsure? No problem. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch!

Company Profile

Technology in taxis is what we do. We have worked on many different projects over the years, namely our in-cab advertising suite, Cabcast, which has been deployed into thousands of cabs, in hundreds of towns and cities around the globe!

We have been working on 'Beam' for a few years now and it has been ever-evolving since its inception. We are now ready to unveil it to the world with the first initial launch being in the West Midlands area.