Common Questions

Can I buy it?
It's free! But not yet, sorry. We are still working with cab drivers and cab companies in order to make this the best experience possible. But we are working on it!

I'm a driver. How do I use it?
We have a system dedicated to you, and we want to hear what you think! You can read more about it on our driver page, here.

How does it work?
We use the latest in smartphone technology to acquire your position which communicates with our servers. Don't worry, we don't collect any of your information. Just your position. If you want, you can delete all your history in a click of a button and we won't store it!

Do you offer company branding?
It is something we are considering. We would love to work with you on making this a reality. Get in touch and we will discuss the application's capabilities.

Why wouldn't I just phone a cab?
If you are ever lost or you don't have the number for any local cabs then 'Beam' is the perfect solution. Our team have been using it with a select few cabs already and it has proven to work wonders.

I'm not lost and I know the number for the local cab company
Beam is faster! We allocate you the closest taxi to your location. This means you are going to get to your destination quicker, which is what we all want! We aggregate thousands of taxi drivers from hundreds of companies which means you don't have to go trawling around through all the cab companies as we do all that for you!
Have we sold you yet?

You haven't answered my question...
Sorry about that! We are working on creating a much more comprehensive knowledgebase. Please call us on 0845 467 6675 to speak to one of our enthusiastic representatives who will be happy to answer any and all of your questions!